We specialize in food inspired by, cooked with, and paired alongside a whole lot of really good beer.


22 taps & 100+ bottles

with a ridiculously well-informed staff who can navigate you through them.

Our menu goes through a significant overhaul quarterly, while also regularly rotating out  a few taps and bottles of limited offerings. We also maintain a temperature-controlled cellar where we stock high strength and bottle-conditioned beers that we think will improve with age, and then release them at maturity.


Empowering the humble potato since 2003

Our Belgian frites have gotten a lot of good press, and here's the fine-print reason why: we take a batch of russet potatoes and store it for one week in our warm room to best balance starch removal while slowing its conversion to sugar. Every morning, a minimum of 100 lbs. of these are manually chipped by whoever shows up last to work. The chips are washed under cold running water to remove surface starches, and then refrigerated under water for 24 hours to stiffen the potato cell walls for a crispier result. For service, the frites are first blanched in a blend of beef and duck fat and then cooled to room temperature. They're then fried up at high temperature in canola oil until the outside is crispy and golden, the inside fluffy and flavourful. A generous helping is seasoned with kosher salt, and served to you with our house-made smoked tomato ketchup and  mayonnaise.



Smoked suckling pig

Saturday's dinner starts on Wednesday.
We receive our local suckling pig. 
The pig is prepared and then brined until Friday. It’s then stuffed with the brining vegetables and herbs and slowly smoked over applewood for 22 hours. The result is pulled and served with  sides inspired by seasonal market ingredients. Our next step is angrily debating the best beer to pair alongside the complete dish. By 5 pm Saturday, dinner is ready. Our smoker can only fit one pig at a time, so this dish does sell out.

Saturdays and Sundays


Starting at 11am on weekends come join us for brunch. The menu features a heavy focus on recovery food with the odd healthy option slipped in for good measure. Pairing beer with brunch is where a lot of fun happens, but we also make a killer Caesar so don't judge.


Late night poutine

You can't throw a brick in Toronto without hitting a bowl of poutine, but good luck finding a great beer to drink with it. Every night starting at 11 pm (*10 pm Sundays), we aim to fix that situation. Our 5 poutines all start with our signature frites, and are available up until an hour before closing time.